Friday, August 23, 2013

Auditioning fishing line

This quilt has been a pain in the ass learning experience.


First I had my tree issues.

I finally put tule over cut up yarn and quilted away. Then I felt it was missing something so added a fishing pole. Ehhhh, it's ok but not great.


So yesterday I spent the morning painstakingly couching down this hard to deal with thick gold thread with even harder to deal with monofilament thread, adding beads to the pole.


It doesn't show up!


I need to calm down - almost done.

"There's no place like done, there's no place like done."

So I ripped out that gold thread this morning and looked in my yarn bin.


These are the 3 I pulled.

The green is sparkly but blends in to much?


So it's between the white stubbly or the light brown string like stuff.

Which do you like?



  1. Well...the white stubbly stuff shows up loud and clear...perhaps too much so.... Hmmm...need there be a fish or hint of fishing at all? Maybe the boater is snoozing? or reading? or stitching? or knitting?

  2. I like the brown string like stuff.

  3. I like the brown string like stuff. Looking good!