Sunday, August 4, 2013

Clara Bow

another creative prompt response - bow
Jaye suggested Clara Bow, who I had never heard of so I listened to the History Chicks podcast about her and I highly reccommend it - excellent, and very interesting

my drawing is ok, but mostly due to the fact that clara was downright gorgous with one of those perfect faces which makes it fun to try to draw - sorry clara! I just had to try :-)

I just wanted to show the difference eyes make in a drawing

the only thing I did in the upper one is darken the inside area of the eyes, leaving alittle bit of a highlight and that really makes a huge difference in the expression. and why I cannot get this photo to upload right side up is beyond me - I hope you can still get the idea.

listen to the history chicks podcast - you will enjoy it
it will stream right from the link above if you don 't do itunes


  1. I love the way you placed the subject in your drawing- just a portion of her face. Love it!

  2. WOW! you are right, the eyes make such a difference. Love the portrait. I am more of a two dimensional girl.