Friday, November 8, 2013

A new obsession and sale alert

I started a new landscape


But this is as far as I got because I'm on a new kick


Fabric postcards!

And yes, that does look like the same tree that I've been working on for it seems like forever. But this is postcard sized. I'm experimenting with peltex, something I have never used but it really does work well for postcards. I found some good information on timtex and peltex here if you are interested in using it.

I also found out you need to keep the thickness like 1/8" and it needs to be stiff to go thru the mail so I believe you really do need to use the heavy interfacing.

I finished one and didn't have any card stock for the back so I tried freezer paper.


Wrong move! You can see thru it showing my dark thread patches and it's all wrinkly.

Today I will go to Joannes to get some card stock and more peltex.

Which by the way is on sale right now for 40% off and you can use the friends and family extra 25% making it 65% off. Today is the day to get any pellon products you need for 65% off.

Just sayin'



  1. Thank you for the tips! I'm working on a postcard right now, my first. Ps: I love your owl!

  2. The owl peeking out of the tree is just adorable! So cool!

  3. Love the owl. I keep a kit together in box for making postcards so that if I need one quickly I have all the pieces all ready cut up and ready to go and the backs pre-printed.

  4. Thanks for the info about peltex... good to know. Love your owl in the hidey hole!

  5. Postcards are fun to make....great way to try new techniques and of course share your art.