Friday, November 15, 2013

Chopping trees

Today I am chopping down trees under a blue sky after cutting rocks off the side of a mountain


While my angelic dog sits by my side never even thinking about chewing up the handle of my favorite scissors or scattering everything from the sewing room trash basket all over the floor 8>}

Gotta go now and catch me an eagle




  1. Now you are JUST KILLING ME with these adorable postcards! Is this one going up on Craftsy as well? Seriously, you must stop, lol. Thanks for the tutorial :)

  2. Chopping trees and cutting rocks? You must be STRONG!!!! Have fun!

  3. Oh my.....did McGee make his way up there?

  4. hmph, my dog needs lessons from your angel...mine ate my watercolor sketch a while ago. He's 11 and never acted like that before...critics.
    LEeAnna Paylor