Friday, November 22, 2013

Vermont Whales Tails

I'm thinking Friday is my report day on what I've been doing since I like to link up with Nina's blog on Fridays.

So here it is :-)



Finally finished my Vermont Whales tails, it's been in my hand sewing basket waiting for binding for months.

Yes, the cows do the whale watching here in Vermont :-)

It's up for sale on Etsy here

And I am still obsessed with making postcards - just put the pattern for Christmas puppies on craftsy for sale


Then just started cutting up scraps for collages to make this


And this


This is in the works , not quilted yet


Last night I felt the need to use this great sky fabric so fused this small landscape together and it's getting quilted now.


And last but not least - the old man of the mountain pillow - done!

I'm very happy with it (the photo doesn't have a pillow insert inside)


But I do have a question, if anyone know about envelope style pillow shams -

Should the back flap be facing down instead of the way I did it? Or does it matter?

With the old man on the front the pillow is directional,

Have a great quilty week!




  1. I put the envelope fold of a pillow cover side to side, but I can see it being down wards, I think up, it would catch all the crumbs and dust and "Stuff" Love the whale tails, the quilting is creative too in the sky. I found you on Off the Wall Friday

  2. Amazing! Now I am dying to try some post cards. Do you thinkg I can find my other machine in the mess of the quilt room? maybe.......iffy

  3. Such beautiful for the pillow sham I wouldn't worry too much as to which way it goes, for it looks fab from here.

  4. wonderful little postcards I need to try this.

  5. I usually get flap to be down on pillow back but occasionally I reverse it do to mild dyslexia or inattention.
    Your postcards are most wonderful !