Friday, December 6, 2013

Lola Jenkins - thread art - craftsy

I bought this class on craftsy last week and love it. Totally my thing:-)

I wanted to make my SIL a portrait of her new dog for Christmas so made my first project Jake.

Right off the bat she gave a great suggestion to take your photo and use a website (free) called Dumpr.

This isn't jake but you get the idea of what it does.


It allows you to see the basic lines better on the photo to draw them with a sharpie on paper.


You then transfer on fabric, stitch those lines in black and do a filler FMQ on background.

Now for the scary part - coloring!


She uses colored pencils and I started to use them here. They will work perfectly on 99% of projects but of course I had to pick that 1% - a big black dog. The pencils just looked muddy when I started to blend them.


So I took out my paints and hair gel (medium) and went to work.


I'm calling him done but


The paint soaked into the fabric so much, now he's more grey than black :-(


What to do now?



I'm linking up to Nina's off the wall blog where lots of talented art quilters post so am hoping for suggestions.

Should I add more paint, I did use a lot of gel but the paint doesn't behave without it. FMQ black hair?

I'm putting it aside to stew for now.




  1. I am sorry.. I have no suggestions. But I do like the piece.. I am going to have to try this.

  2. Try using Shiva oil Sticks or Crayola Crayons, they both will go over the paint and any hair gel that might act as a resist. Heat set with an iron for the crayon too. Should give you nice rich color, even just to highlight it. It is very much a portrait of a beautiful dog, your friend will love it.

  3. I always use textile paint on cotton. it works perfect.

  4. I just tried painting on fabric with a new Golden acrylic product -- High Flow Acrylics, they're pigment paints and they don't get watered down or lighten up when mixed with water. They'd be perfect for something like this where you need a darker color.

  5. I love Shiva paintstiks. But if you do use them, you can't go back and use a water based paint afterwards. The Shiva paintstiks are oil-based and they have to go on last. Like oil floats on water, the paintstik paint will stay on top of acrylic, watercolors, textile paints, etc. The other paints will paint on top of the Shiva, but they will eventually come right off.

  6. Just add more paint, without the gel. Either Tsunieko inks, or textile paint, almost dry brushed where you want depth, and leave the grey for highlights. You aren't done yet!!
    I do this all the time. Paint dries lighter. Then add black metallic threads for quilting. It'll add lots of black depth texture and sparkle. Keep going. Good job!
    LeeAnna Paylor