Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose



I had a great idea for a squirrel snowboarding down an ice covered tree branch. Made a nice winter mountain landscape background.

But lost my head when it came to the squirrel.


I think it's the variegated thread I used. It looked light brown but came out dark and just looks wierd.

And I am not picking it out, it's fusible and fusible doesn't pick. Done. Move on.

It is now a placemat.

So today I worked on putting together a disapearing nine patch baby quilt - more like the disappointing nine patch. The mother is a fire / rescue person so I found this flannel having to do with fire department stuff. Then pulled the colors from it, red, orange, green etc.

I do not like this either - it's to jumbled, busy, I don't know.


I will save it.

Any suggestions?

My one saving grace from this week is


Him I like :-)



  1. Awwww....I kinda like the snowboarding squirrel. It is crazy enough to be cool. I have to admire people who pull together odd fabrics of various patterns and make it look like they belong together. I can't. So my quilts when I try it, look like your fire lady's quilt. So I guess I kinda like that one too!

  2. Thread woes happen. Maybe it won't show from a few feet. Maybe it's okay as it is as it adds to the electric screaming mood of thrilling snowboarding! Don't forget color pencils can shade over wrong threads.
    LeeAnna Paylor