Friday, April 11, 2014

I finished a real quilt!

It's been many years since I've done a patchwork quilt. My fabric obsession is satisfied by the wall art variety of quilting usually. But my mom gave me this gorgeous pieced top already basted and ready to quilt.


So I took the opportunity to go thru Leah Days craftsy class volume one and practice and learn with this quilt.


This pattern is perfect for it with all the boxes.


I did a different design in each square or rectangle.


It's very densely quilting and I love it.


This will be my everyday couch cuddle quilt.

Thanks mom!


I met up with my dog Summer's sister Spring and her mom today for a walk. It got up to 63! But that whiteish green in the top water part is still ice and now snow slush. Won't be long though :-)

I'm linking up with Leah days free motion quilting project blog today


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  1. I like the idea to quilt each square different, I also try it on a quilt.