Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stone bench in the woods

I finished the stone bench today and will continue from my last post on the process.

This is where we left off, hoping that some quilting would help define the bench.
And it did! I think it stands out pretty good although next time I would make sure I do more contrast between the bench and the background. I used tan Invisafil thread to quilt the whole thing and it worked great. A small meander in all the foliage and leaves background. The Invisafil hardly showed but left that quilting texture. This is the first time I've used it and highly recommend. It seems to play better than the monofilament thread I normally would use and doesn't give you that "plastic shine" and doesn't show the needle holes like the the mono does. Yes! It looks much better quilted :-)

And much better trimmed.

But it still needs a little something, hmmm.........
Let me look in my novelty fabrics for a bird or something to fuse down.

Yes! Victory! This owl is looking at me like "this is my bench and how dare you enter my woods"
Check it out - lots of quilt blogs to read and explore.
I am entering this into the art quilt category .  There are some really wonderful quilts there.


  1. This is gorgeous! Love all your layers..

  2. Beautiful....such a restful scene.

  3. This is lovely-the colours and picture make me want to go into it!

  4. So beautiful! Makes me want to be able to sit down on that bench and enjoy the quiet woods :)

  5. Maybe that owl would allow me to rest there for a little moment ?? What a clever idea to add this animal - it makes the quilt really come alive!

  6. Your quilt is awesome....wonderful colors !

  7. Great job. Love the background fabric choices especially.

  8. I love your bench in the woods and Mr. Owl just sits there protecting his domain! Great job!