Friday, June 20, 2014

World Cup art quilt

The world , (well except the United States) - is watching the biggest sports event of all right now. Football which we Americans for some reason call soccor. I am not a sports fan but can appreciate each countries enthusiasm and love to see all the cheering on for the different countries. The United States even actually won a game much to the surprise of even their coach! Who knows miracles do happen, they might even win over Portugal.

Anyway I always think art quilts and thought I should make a World Cup art quilt and then realized that I already have and even made a pattern for it. Well that was easy wasn't it?


It's raw edge fusible appliqué and it really pretty easy. I give step by step directions so even a newbie to fusible should have no issues.
I like the embellishments you can do - adding buttons or snaps to the sneaker and look at the ball. I drew out the seams with black pigma pen first then slowly free motion quilted it. You could use a preprogrammed stitch from your machine, do it by hand or just draw it but I think the seam really adds to it. Makes it look like a real football. (I'm thinking global here)
As with all raw edge appliqué you should know how to free motion quilt somewhat since you should quilt all around the different motifs but it's easy since you are just following the edges.


The World Cup Art Quilt pattern is only 4 bucks and is for sale here for immediate download. It's small, goes fast - if you start today you could easily have it done by Sunday to see the United States win over Portugal



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