Friday, October 31, 2014

Dear Janet Quilt


In 1865 Jane Stickle finished a quilt that consisted of 225 blocks. There are 169 of them that are 4.5" square and the rest are in the border. Jane made every single one of them different and pieced them by hand. For a long time it's been sort of a badge of honor for a quilter to make one.

Go here for more information on Jane's quilt.

But this blog post is about Janet's quilt :-)


My mother's name is Janet and she presented me with this heirloom last week.

Hung in my living room with pride, It has 49 inner 4.5 square blocks and 32 of the triangle border blocks.

Not only hand pieced and appliqued but hand quilted!

My mom is an amazing quilter.

Thank you mom - I love you!





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  1. What an amazing your mother made and gave to you! She is so talented! And it's hand quilted! I'm tearing up. You're very fortunate to have each other.