Friday, October 17, 2014

Free pumpkin art quilt pattern

Jill over at "the quilt rat" blog has generously offered a beautiful fall pumpkin pattern free that can be thread painted (or not) to celebrate her blogiversery - go here to check it out. Now that the leaves are down and cold is setting in we quilters start to hibernate and sew with abandon. Time to cuddle your fabrics folks!


It's all fusible so fairly easy but some little pieces if you choose to make it as big as the downloadable pattern, which I am. I suggest using an appliqué pressing sheet or parchment paper (which is what I use)


I started last night and got this far - all fused down.

Today I'm doing the thread painting - not as good as Jill but not to bad.

Hopefully next week I can show the finished piece

And speaking of updates, the stitch and slash I was working on last week?

I'm not liking it so much not because of the technique or even the pattern

I used knit challis type fabric to begin with (wrong) and then choose fabrics that were all purple solids except one, just different shades (wrong, this technique seems to work best with prints). I have tried everything even painting it but because it's knit the paint just gets absorbed and it all ends up looking muddy. It's on my design wall for a couple weeks in case some rescue revelation hits me but this will probablly end up in the "learning experience" trash pile.

And that's OK ;-)


  1. Wow, that's really beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh oh. We need to work out a trade where we swap the things that aren't working and let the other guy "fix" it! LOL.

    I would have a ton to send to you.

    Love the pumpkin and your thread painting. It will be a wonderful piece for your table or wall.

  3. ohhhhh what's up with the chenile piece? It's just as hard to decide why something isn't working as to make it work. I went through that today designing the borders on my day of the dead piece. I think I have it licked, but we'll have to see it in daylight to know! shaking head. LeeAnna at not afraid of color