Sunday, October 19, 2014

hookers and alpalcas

If that title doesn't get your attention nothing will. I wouldn't search for the title on google - no telling what photos may come up - lol!
Yesterday afternoon I went to a big rug hooking show and it just happened to be next to an alpalca festival so I wanted to share some pnotos.

Of course I had to go to the alpalcas first

 Such beautiful animals, there expressions are priceless, so calm and sweet.

this is Beckham - he has to be my next animal quilt - no question

 and then the rug hooking - I was floored at this exibit. Beautiful works or art made of strips of wool.  there were over 200 of these art pieces but of course I ended up taking photos mostly of the dog ones.

look! they even had Abbey and Summer!
 this one had an old window frame in the front - cool!

this woman had added real rocks and driftwood

love this idea
 the background is rug hooking

 magic carpet ride - she had this hanging by fishing line and supported by that plastic stand thing - a felted girl sits on the carpet

                                Sumac, which is brightly                                    colored everywhere right now

and I did love this method as well called proddy rugs, taking strips of wool or any cloth and just prodding or poking it thru a base close together with big holes and letting the ends fray free. they had a rug there and it felt so nice. To the right is a bowl made that way.

my first instinct is to run out and get all the stuff to do rug hooking now but do know my limits time wise although winter is coming and I will have more time for doing this type of thing. It looks like so much fun ;-)

have you ever hooked?


  1. Do it!! Go buy that stuff and try it out. Lol!! Those are fabulous. I enjoy hooked rug projects but just the ones you buy at the craft shop. These are so beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  2. I remember my Dad making a hooked rug when we were kids. I remember the cool little tool he used. But I've never felt the urge!
    Love the Sumac rug - gorgeous colours. And the pumpkins from your last post are lovely too. We don't get into Halloween and Fall/Autumn so much over here (probably because they occur at different times of the year) but it's nice to see everyone's work in regards to it.