Friday, November 14, 2014

Beckam the Alpalca


I met Beckam at the Alpalca show last month and was was quite taken with him. What a charmer!


Bald Beckam


After enlarging his photo, and tracing his body parts - they traced onto freezer paper and I pressed under all his pieces. I did eyes and nostrils with fusible (I'm not crazy) using all fusible would work but I don't like doing heavy quilting or thread painting over all that glue so taking the time to turn under is worth it.

Yes, lots of thread


I wanted some hay in his mouth because ....... Well that is what Alpalcas do.

Took some hayish looking yarn and wrapped around floral taped wire, cut a hole on his mouth and sewed it down. The hay came out a bit wierd but then so is Beckam





  1. wonderful! Love all the thread work. Love an alpaca. I always want one after seeing them at the Md sheep and wool festival. How fun to look into the back yard and see a poodle and an alpaca probably both eating grass. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  2. the thread work is amazing!!! love love love it!! we love alpaca's and lamas in this house!

  3. He is really cute! Hey, if off was bad, I'd be in a heap of trouble!!!