Wednesday, December 10, 2014


My friend Glen in Louisianna said she was sending me something for piecing. Oh! Goody! Always happy to get a new gadget. Glen is such a generous soul. She said she got a deal at Home Depot - interesting :-) something to cut with? A measuring tool perhaps?


Today the poor mailman had to trudge thru this to deliver

This ........... Uh ....... Hmmmmmm ......... Well .......

What in the world do I do with this?

It says it's for concrete floors. Does she think my floors need to be redone before I start piecing ? Do I iron with it? do I iron on it? Do I use it as a ruler for rotary cutting?

I have no clue

Any ideas?




  1. Is it foam underneath? If so, maybe it is to hold even pressure on your ruler as you cut.

  2. Let me know when you are ready to know the REAL identiy of the thing! LOL

    I love mine and use it nearly every day when I quilt!