Friday, February 6, 2015

Ecobundle to bird


You may remember my echo bundle adventure. Go here to see how I did this.


From trash to treasure


From trash to thrush (hermit that is) - the state bird of Vermont

Here he is after adding some brown dots using inktense pencils.

Now I just have to figure out where to put him and how to quilt him.

It's warmed up to 6 degrees right now (from -14 early this morning) so I may venture outside to grocery shop but the rest of the day will be hibernation and quilting. One good thing about living here, I have a good excuse to quilt all day :-)

Could be worse




  1. GORGEOUS! The shadings are so subtle, so beautiful. An amazing transformation. I want to go unwrap mine................

  2. The bird is beautiful and the color variation in your fabrics really makes the bird very lifelike. Awesome.

  3. Wonderful use of your ecobundle. He looks like you painted him. When I went back to see what you used I was amazed.

  4. Inktense pencils are wonderful. This bird is really beautiful, he looks so serene. Stay warm.

  5. Fabric, right? Have you thought of "quilting" him with hand stitch...seed stitch in particular, on his 'belly'?

  6. Great use of your eco fabrics.

  7. Fantastic use of the ecobundle. I agree with Margaret in that some hand stitches would do him justice.