Friday, June 17, 2016

Osprey fabric art

A few weeks ago on a hike we came upon an osprey nest high up on a dead tree and the mother was circling and yelling at us. She was none to happy. It was quite a site. So for my next bird quilt I wanted to do an osprey - a truly magestic bird.

Here is the photo I worked from

A line drawing from the photo


Applique added


Inktense pencil touches (still wet here)


Finding a background


Quilted and finished.

I shall call her Olive ;-)



  1. You have a way with eyes, Carol. The piece is stunning - the eye makes the perfect focal point.

  2. Yes! so beautiful. A perfect tribute to a majestic bird.

  3. Really in character, and so well-executed, the quilting plays so well with the shapes.

  4. This is so gorgeous!!! Love seeing your process. Thanks for sharing.

  5. the eye! Awesome tute and workmanship!