Friday, April 7, 2017

Painting with a toilet paper tube

I saw a you tube video here where a woman showed how to make a fuzzy dandelion with paint on paper using a toilet paper tube so thought I would try it. Mine didn't come out as good as hers but I sure had fun.


First I had to mangel a roll of toilet paper to get the cardboard out since I didn't have any on hand. Then cut all around the bottom about 2" up to make it like a brush. Next I laid a piece of black fabric on some flat styrofoam , pinned in place and lightly sprayed with water.


After dipping my " brush" into some acrylic paint the dabbing and pouncing begins. First using a darker color and then going lighter. In the end I also added some purple - just because ;-)


The first attempt ( see top pic) didn't look very dandelion - y so I made another smaller " brush" out of a small piece of just mail taped into a tube. One mangled toilet paper roll is quite enough, thank you.

This round came out looking more like a dandelion in the fuzz stage.


The one on the top ended up getting mushed.

Someone on Instagram said it looks like a dr. Seuss truffula tree.

It was a mistake

Yes! That was what I was trying to do all along.


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  1. Thanks for sharing, I have to try it! Your flower ended up very nicely!