How to put a facing on a small art quilt

This method involves some hand sewing but I like the way the corners are easy to get nice and square, plus it’s quick and easy.
You can also sew in a sleeve for a dowel as part of the facing but if you do, remember that you won’t have an opening for dowel to hang in the middle. Your dowel will need to catch the hanging hooks on your wall at the ends.

After your fabric art is quilted, trim off all the edges nice and straight.
Cut 4 - two inch strips the length of each side plus an inch or so.

Fold under the edges of the strips that you will be putting on the sides (about a quarter inch) and press with an iron.

With right sides together sew the strips on each side with a quarter inch
seam allowance.

Trim off the top and bottom edges even with the quilt.

Sew (topstitch) along the edge of the strip as close to the quilt edge as youcan but on the strip itself. This helps the facing to roll over to the back easier and neater.

Now with a lot of steam in your iron, press the facing to the back of the quilt so none of the facing shows on the front. You should
see a very thin line of the front as shown.

For the top and bottom, lay the strips down next to the quilt and fold under the top and bottom of the strips so they are the same exact length as the quilt.

If you are making a built in sleeve, cut the top strip 6” wide, fold under to the same length of the quilt as shown on the right.

Fold under about a quarter
inch as before along the length
of the strip. If doing the sleeve,
fold the top 6” wide strip in
half. Next as before on the
sides, sew these strips right sides together with ¼”
seam allowance to top and bottom. Sew a line along
the facing close to the edge to help with rolling. Then
press to the back of the quilt with steam iron making sure the facing does not show on the front..

If you have clover clips they work great to keep the edges straight and to the back side until it is sewn down. You can also pin to secure.
Now put on a good TV show, sit, relax and sew all of the the facing to the back by hand.

Sew up the edges of the corners as shown. 
The bottom of the corner edges tend to pop out so take extra care to sew that area well.

If doing the sleeve facing, simply leave an opening on the two sides of the top that you had doubled as shown to the left.

When you are finished hand sewing, do one more press with the iron and make sure none of the facing shows from the front.

Voila! nice square, clean edges :-)

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