quilt hanging triangles tutorial

For any small art quilt that has a binding this is the best way to hang your quilt.
By small I mean anything less than 35" to 40" wide.

start by cutting 4 squares - for most quilts a 3" square works well although for bigger quilts you could go with 4". I would not reccommend anything smaller than 3" though.
fold in half and press to make 4 half square triangles
After trimming and squaring up your quilt BEFORE you put on the binding - lay a triangle on each corner of your quilt witht the fold facing in and raw edges lining up with the raw edges of your quilt.
With your machine using a quarter inch seam, sew triangles down on the raw edge sides leaving the fold side open.

Now sew on your binding using your favorite method. The binding when folded over will cover any stitching or raw edges from the triangles and leave you with 4 cute little flaps in each corner.

You can then insert a dowel cut to size in both the top and bottom flaps and hang on a nail or picture hook. The bottom dowel will help the quilt to hang straighter and lay flat against the wall. 

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