tablet pillow rest tutorial

Smart phone/tablet pillow tutorial

This is a free tutorial to use for personal use – please do not duplicate

  This is quick and easy project. All you need is one piece of fabric 9" X 12" - some rice,small beans or birdseed to stuff inside for weight and enough fiberfill to stuff the pillow with. You will also need a small piece of heavy interfacing measuring 1”x5”.


First cut your fabric 9" by 12"

Next fold in half on the long side so it is 6" by 9" and sew up the long raw edge with a quarter inch seam allowance.

Sew along one of the short sides with a 1/4" seam leaving a 2" opening about an inch from the folded edge

Turn it around so the long seam is in the middle as shown.
The top will easily make a triangle. Press seam open.

On the bottom raw edge sew, leaving another 2" opening about 1" from the edge.

Turn inside out thru one of the 2" openings and press.

Measure 3" up from the bottom, Mark a line and sew on that line.

Cut a piece of heavy peltex or other extra heavy interfacing 1" by 5.5” (the width of your pillow). Insert the interfacing thru the bottom hole and fit it snug against the line you just sewed. Then top stitch to hold it in place.

Fill the bottom tightly with fiberfill and hand sew the opening shut.

Thru the other hole pour in rice, birdseed or small dried beans - fill about 2/3 full with them.

Then fill tightly with fiberfill keeping the fiberfill on top of the weight as much as you can.
The weight of the rice will make the pillow sit better.

Fill the rest with the fiberfill, making sure the rice is on the bottom. Fill tightly until it sits up the way you want it. Then sew the opening shut by hand.

Make a bunch of them to put in every room so you won't loose your phone. Set it by your sewing machine to watch a video or chat with a friend. They make great gifts as well

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  1. Where did ypyfind your pattern?
    I've been making and selling these exact phone/tablet podd for over 12 yrs now! Very interesting to see several of my pods being posted on Pinterest and now you have the pattern that I've got a pending copyright on!