Friday, August 26, 2016

Keep it simple

I admire graphic artists.

They get a message across in the simplest most effective way. It's hard to do simple. It's human nature to keep wanting to add more and then more and when do you stop? It's the stopping I have trouble with.

I was wasting spending time researching graphic design on the Internet and came across this perfect example of how just a few lines and some color can be effective. You know this is a bike and it doesn't clog up your mind with lots of details. Which is why these type of designs are used for ads. You know it's a bike so if you are interested in anything related to bikes, you will stop to read the ad and having that unclogged mind will absorb the words on the ad and maybe go do what ever it is the ad is trying to get you to do.

Maybe that's the appeal of modern quilts. They are graphic and simple. Hmmmm.

Maybe I should revisit the whole modern quilting thing.

More mindless serious internet searching?

I'm leaving today for our the Hathaway annual gathering known as hagfest in beautiful ausable point NY.

We camp so can bring the dogs and it's right on the shore of lake Champlain.


I'm bring these little beach scenes to bind and add lots of embellishments because we all know I just can't keep it simple :-)

Have a great week end!


Friday, August 19, 2016

Vermont seasons finish


I finally finished this quilt made for the road home row along in September. I will have this as a free pattern here on my blog on September 29th. Click on the road home row along logo on the right for more info. There will be giveaways as well.

My pattern could be done as a row or you could make just one for a small art quilt or do 4 small ones, each in a different season. More on this when my day comes up on September 29th.



On a sadder note, my friend and fellow quilter Glen of quilts and dogs blog lives in Baton Rouge LA and had almost 4 feet of stank water in her house. She and the dogs and husband are ok but had to be rescued by boat. She is back at her home now but can't live in it.


This is her sewing room when she got back in her house. How horrific is that? I can't begin to imagine how devastating it is to have all your stuff be ruined and now the clean up has to be very daunting. She has the best sense of humor and self than anyone I know so she will get thru it but it can't be easy.

Please visit her blog here and give her some comments of support.

She runs an animal rescue there and she says they really need help right now due to a lot of displaced animals being found. Please go to and give anything you can. If you can only do $5.00 it will make world of difference.


Friday, August 12, 2016

Beach vacation mini quilt

Small but mighty at only 7"x10"

First I started with the "beach stick" and decided on the size from there.

(It's all about the stick, after all)


I get to use some of the junk interesting objects I have been collecting.


These shells were a bracelet at one time, in another life.


These sailboats started out being white fused fabric but when quilting them down, being so small they just shredded so I just sewed over with white thread. They looked a bit raggy so then used white out (since I had no white paint) and brushed some on to fill in. Now they stand out much better.


Also making more fabric baskets to sell at the fair at the end of the month. Cows with grass lining - how cute is that!

And for the musician.

I'm now off to walk and swim. It's already 82 degrees at 7am and this Vermonter is not liking the heat.

I'll be under the trees or in the pond if you're looking for me today.

Be cool!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Goodnight psychedelic moon

While I do like how this landscape came out, I had a heck of a time trying to get the color of the moon right.

Lower left is what I started out with but decided it was to light. Adding some violet brought me to lower right. In retrospect I should have left it at that but no! More is more so added some more reddish purple and some white to blend to get to middle right. Didn't like that so how about some yellow for a glow? Then ended up adding some more of all the colors and blended them together and called it done.

I like how the variegated green thread looks for grass and plants.

I wish I lived in a place where I could sit naked and gaze at a psychedelic moon :-)




Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lotus bud



I made one awhile ago that was alabaster with a greenish background and wanted to try a pink one.

Here's a close up



I'm making fabric baskets and this small one is the perfect size for a remote!

The inside flaps help keep the remote upright - who knew?

And I have a few others of these addicting baskets in various stages of construction


This one has sheep on the outside and grass on the inside - just needs buttons.


Care to roll the dice?

Ready for quilting


State birds - Vermont is the hermit thrush

What's your state bird?


Friday, July 22, 2016

Land of Zu improved


Much better thanks to a suggestion from Glen, Inktense pencils and a quilted moon


This is the before - what a difference a moon makes


And this is the Zu being my co pilot - ever since she saw the movie Ace Ventura Pet detective, she hangs out the window shouting "ALRIGHTY THEN!"

(Don't worry I was on a dirt road going 10 mpr while taking this picture)


And last but not least finished one of these fabric baskets I love to make.

Those are fishing flies on the outside. Why fishing flies?

Why not?


Friday, July 15, 2016

Fat quarter landscape


The land of Zu

(Sorry the photo had to be taken in not so great lighting, the colors are better in real life)


I'm still finishing the binding on this one but finished enough to show. My idea is to make a landscape using just one fat quarter as the whole sky and water. Problem is I think the mountains/land look like clouds or something. The sky needs to be just alittle different. Also I used an almost white color which is cloud like.

I really love the colors though, so it's staying like it is.

I started another like it and really liked this color combo but .........

Once cut out - not enough contrast - kind of muddy


Better? Sort of

I think I'll go with this background and this one will try to quilt the sky and water with different color thread to see what that does. That's what I love about quilting - it's like a puzzle. Keeps you interested because you want to see how it turns out.

I'll let you know next week how it turns out