Friday, September 25, 2015

Late September update


The weather around here has been so nice, I haven't gotten a lot of quilting done but here it is

So last weeks post I was trying to decide if I should add something on the left side of this mountain landscape. Ended up putting on rock of a different fabric and it works so that is finished.

And I'm starting another for a local woman who contacted me thru etsy. She wants a quilt of her friends new house. I decided to quilt the background first because there will be two porches and little fiddly bits on the house so the background is better quilted without having to skip over stuff.


This is where the house will be.


And look what the mailman brought me today!

My favorite Isacord thread - the big ones - yippee!

I spent my day off yesterday hiking in a beautiful wilderness area with a friend and 5 dogs.

So much fun! My favorite thing to do and it was sunny and 70 - perfection.


Here is the lovely Summer

Hope you all had a good week and can get out to enjoy the cooler temps :-)


Friday, September 18, 2015

Flying over mountains last week


I haven't paper pieced in years and now I remember why. I wanted to participate in a swap type thing on Facebook so decided to give it a try.

This is my first attempt - see the propellers are to small and I had to add some chunks to fill in on the right. Then when I measured it was 1/2" to small :-/ but I did it again using huge chunks of fabric and cutting it down as I went and it came out ok. Not my forte but I'm glad I conquered the challenge.


Now on to the fun stuff! Back to my roots with a mountain landscape.

Should I put rocks on the left! Does it look unbalanced to you?

I started this last week and am finished except that last adding rocks part, if you think I need it.

Enjoyed making that one so much I started another. These are easy to do and enables me to play with my stash which is my favorite thing to do:-)
We are having a stretch of ridiculously gorgous sunny, low 80's, low humidity weather right now so I'm off for a hike and a swim -
Have a great week and get outside!





Friday, September 11, 2015

Go Set a Watchman art quilt

My banned books week art quilt is not on the list from last years banned or challenged books but I am positive it will be. I had just finished reading Go Set a Watchman when I heard about the challenge coming up and since the book left me thinking with stirred up emotions I wanted to pay tribute to it.


The language used in this book can be offensive but you must realize Harper Lee wrote this in 1957. People used such words all the time and racism was commonplace in 1957, especially in the south. Harper Lee through the voice of a grown up " scout" from the much beloved To Kill a Mockingbird is pointing out the evils of such goings on. I enjoy reading books that give me a feel of a different place and time and at that place and time in our history the "n word" and others like were used in everyday conversations so I can accept the use of such terms in a book such as this. I did not however feel comfortable putting the "n word" in my quilt.

This quote stuck with me when I read it - she was listening to her aunt go on about the poor, poor n_____s.

How they couldn't help themselves because they have smaller brain pans or some such nonsense.

This is Jean Louise's response

"You are fascinated with yourself. You will say anything that occurs to you, but what I can’t understand are the things that do occur to you. I should like to take your head apart, put a fact in it, and watch it go its way through the runnels of your brain until it comes out of your mouth."


And this is my response


It is beyond me how some have admiration, fairness, respect, love justice and honor in their brains


And then turn around and spew out such vile and hateful language.

I recommend reading Go Set a Watchman. But do to go into it comparing it to To Kill a Mockingbird. It isn't as involved or as good but will leave you with an insight on what the south was like in 1957 and will leave you feeling compassion towards your fellow man (and woman) and maybe a little sorry for the bigots of the past and sorry to say present. I listened to it with the audiobook version and the reader is Reese Witherspoon who does an excellent job.


If you were to make a quilt about a book, banned or otherwise (and I certainly hope you join us in the banned book challenge) what book would it be?



Friday, September 4, 2015

Banned books inspiration

Do you like to read? Do you like to make art quilts? Has a book ever moved you, left you thinking or inspired? Use that feeling and challenge yourself to make a quilt based on that book. Better yet join the banned books week bandwagon and make one based on a book that has been challenged or banned just to say to the world - "I read this book and liked it!" Sandy at quiltingfortherestofus and Tanesha at crafty garden mom are having a little challenge. Go here to see Sandy's blog posts about it. There is a flickr group to post your finished quilts. I love seeing the different books and quilts so please join in so I can look at yours ;-)

I'm working on mine now and here is a sneak peak.


Can you guess what book? It will make sense when it's done. Right now you are no doubt saying WWWAAAT?

Hint: this book just came out in the past year and although it isn't on the list yet - it most certainly will be and I am sure it has been banned or challenged already somewhere.

banned books week is Sept. 27 - Oct 3rd so you have lots of time to put one together.

What's your favorite book on the list?