Friday, September 21, 2018

Dragon fly

Finally something finished to show you! 

I used shiny poly fabrics which were fine to work with but wanted to try zig zag free motion and boy my janome did not like that! The thread kept shredding. I tried different needles, different threads, tension - you name it. Finally using a 90/14 embroidery needle seemed to work the best. One of the things I tried was putting the feed dogs down (which I don’t normally do for free motion and never had any issues) but I thought I would try it and the janome 6600 that I have wouldn’t let me put the feed dogs down while doing the zig zag. It kept telling me I had the darning foot on and how dare you zig zag with your darning foot on! 

Has anyone else done free motion zig zag with feed dogs down with a janome? 

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Angular quilting

I usually do curves and swirls so this maze design I saw on you tube took some practice. I’m quilting a black background so you can’t see all the “learning “ that happened. The texture is great though. 

The short video is here in case you want to try

These are the fabrics I got to go in the background. The pink is the same pattern as the yellow with the circles but it reads solid. I’ll have to fix that. Maybe take a green sharpie and go over the circles. I do like the colors together so want to keep the pink. 
Stay tuned next week and I’ll show what this is gonna be!