Friday, February 28, 2014

Sheer play

I've never been comfortable with the raw edge of using sheers for shadows so tried this to get a nice clean turned under edge. This will only work for something that has a mildly curved or straight edge though and you do get that double thickness where it is folded under. Not sure if I like it but for the water it might be ok.

I used my freezer paper template to get the right size for top layer. This one was easy cause it can be tucked under the mountains on the top so no turning here.

So then the next one is turned under by applying spray starch and ironing


Then pin it it the top at both ends and sew as you would any two curved pieces.

Take off the freezer paper and sew. Then iron flat. Leaving the bottom water layer the base fabric.

I then layered the batting and backing and quilted it.

So far so good, now I have to figure out what to use to make the moonlight reflection on the water.

Any suggestions? I've got the dock going in later at the bottom. Has anyone ever tried paint over sheers?

This is where I'm at right now

Update - after I posted this I went to my ironing board and lo and behold there is a dryer sheet that I had ironed flat. It is the perfect size and see thru - ness color wise. So on goes the fusible, cut it to moon shimmer likeness, ironed it down.


I like it :-)

I would still love any feedback or experience any of you have had with sheers though. They usually do not play nice with me but do love the effects that make.

Thank you for stopping by :-)


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Keepsake quilting Purple passion


This lucious medley called purple passion arrived from keepsake quilting last week


I'm making a lake scene with the same pattern I made up for the lake George one I finished a couple weeks ago with the little girl and her dog. Not sure if the girl and dog will be on this one but I really like the whole dock thing. So far I've just laid out the pieces to see if the colors work.

It needed a moon

And see that really light mountain in the middle? Just looking at it laying on the table, it didn't stand out but at this point it's always good to take a picture with my iPhone (one of my favorite quilting tools) and it stood out like a sore thumb in the photo.

So I replaced it and it looks much better.


I stopped at that point to take a walk with the dogs. It is 40 degrees and sunny today! I almost don't need a coat. I came across this snow monster taking a nap.

What are you doing with your fabric stash this week?


Friday, February 14, 2014

Mattise : Forest Nymphs

Forest Nymphs

    in stories : a spirit in the shape of a young woman who lives in mountains, forests, meadows, and water.

Glen over at Quilts and Dogs blog did a Mattise inspired art quilt and it got me looking at his work.

Was never a fan but then never really looked at his paintings in "fabric terms"

This is the original - called "the dance"

Got this far and something about the tree just didn't work. So took some bright orange thread that I thought I would never use but look how it jazzes up the tree. If I were to make this again I would put a big ol' moon behind them all but the sky quilting gives it movement .
Uh - oh , just noticed the one on the right is missing a boob.
I must fix that ;-)
hard to be a forest nymph with one boob
My car this morning - so glad I have the day off
Sew day!




Sunday, February 9, 2014

Friday, February 7, 2014

Red barn finish

20" x 16"

The back door of the red round barn at Shelburne museum.


In the window I colored with pastels just small bit of grass and ground to make it look like a reflection of sorts.

I love how this came out. It's being mailed to its new home today :-)



Yesterday Abbey (the one in the foreground playing hard to get) went to visit her boyfriend Murphy and his sister Sadie.


My next project is going to be recreating a Matisse painting called The Dance. It's half done so will have lots to show you next week of that. Check out some of his paintings. They are perfect for interpreting into quilts because his work and figures are simple in design and faces not detailed. I don't know if it's legal to sell an art quilt made from one of his paintings, probablly not but I'll keep this one for myself anyway. Does anyone know the rules on that? I would assume even though it's before the time of copyrights that someone has copyrighted each painting? Glen of quilts and dogs made one of ....... Oops it's a secret until she unveils at her group meeting but it's cool.