Friday, July 20, 2018

Raven art quilt

I finished the raven this week. I like how he came out.
Been watching a lot of quilting arts tv lately. We don’t get in our area so I recently found out if you subscribe to the quilting company you can watch it online. Well worth the 8 bucks a month in my opinion.

That’s where this feather came from ( one of the episodes)

I also gave up on the 100 day project. Got sick of the leaf prints after 27 days and the other people in the group were fizzling out also so I suggested we change to a daily creative post. Do something creative every day be it sewing, drawing, inspirational thinking and post it every day. Only a couple of us are actually posting every day and most have dropped out of participation it I’m still doing it and have made a couple of “cyber quilting friends there”. There are still a couple people doing the 100 day project although not every day but that’s ok as long as people are creating stuff that’s important. 
Anyway it’s quilters daily creative post on Facebook - join us! 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Raindrops on roses

 I’m learning how to paint raindrops. First a rose. This is with the paint wet.

And after drying with raindrops ( that look more like bubbles) but still pretty cool. The rose itself lost a lot after drying though. I tried adding more paint and screwed up the corner.
 Here is the first raindrop I made. Looks like a marble

 Second try, now these look more raindrop like. I think raindrops need to be irregular while bubbles would be perfectly round. So much fun to make  and gratifying. Something different. If you want to try just google how to draw a raindrop. You tube will show you how and it really is pretty easy. You can do it!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Notebook cover

Pretty in pink

Pink is not a color I use much but it looks good with the white and beige.

Love how this quilting turned out

Friday, June 29, 2018

Daily leaf continues

Tried making shadows on my leaves. Not great but not bad either

And finished a composition notebook cover. This I love how it came out. I know I keep saying how much I enjoy making book covers but it is so gratifying and each one is different. Plus relatively quick. 

I’m preparing myself for the 100 degree heat wave that’s coming. Not looking forward to it at all. No outside activity so the only good thing is that I will have more time to sew since there won’t be any dog walks for a week. 😩🐶

Friday, June 22, 2018

100 days project week 2

Color this week. I’m learning you need a high contrast between fabric and paint also the paint needs to be put on thinly and the first print is like that first pancake - you need that test one for the rest to be good 😀

Friday, June 15, 2018

100 days project for quilters

My daily leaf print project is underway. Here is week one. I think I will do a different color theme each week. It’s quite fun and I’m enjoying the interaction with others doing the same 100 days on Facebook. One is doing a surface design each day, one free motion quilting a design a day out of a couple of adult coloring books, a couple people are improv piecing a block a day. A few are simply taking time each day to work on a project and showing the progress. 

I’m also learning from them. One person blew my mind when she said she changes thread a lot on her sit down long arm (of which I have and threading the sucker can be a pain). She cuts the thread on the old spool near the spool itself and leaves the rest of the thread still on the machine. Then puts on a new spool, ties the old thread to the new and just pulls it through. Now why didn’t I think of that! Brilliant! You really should join our group, if only to see what people are doing.

I’m also starting a Raven. Here is all the feathers in the nest.

And another in the cutting stage.

What are you up to this week?

Friday, June 8, 2018

A quiet moment between friend

I revisited a pattern that I made a few years ago. It’s one of my favorites so thought I would make another one.
My friend Glen just found out her beloved dog Chloe passed away when she was in Europe on vacation. This one is dedicated to you Chloe 😞

I especially like the moon quilting on this. 

In other news I am going to do a 100 day project, ever heard of it? You lick something creative and do it every day for 100 days. At the end you are either completely bonkers or you have 100 of something and hopefully have learned something along the way. If nothing else you learn commitment and discipline. And I can sure use that. I can’t guarantee I will make it to 100 days but I’m going to give it a go! I have formed a Facebook group called 100 Days project for quilters in the hopes that if I lost my every day project it will keep me accountable. I have always been in love with Linda McLaughlins weekly leaf projects so am going to do am”daily leaf”. Linda stitches hers and they are wonderful but I will do a combination of printing, painting, free motion and maybe applique. Not sure what form each day will take but it will be a different leaf every day.

Wanna join us? There are like 20 people in the group so far. You can start whenever you want, the only rule is that you be kind. 
Check it out here

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Jackson Pollack on fabric

 This is day one of the Art with Fabric Blog hop where you make a quilt inspired by any artist and I decided to do Jackson Pollack

this is a Jackson Pollack painting that sold for 140 million dollars 
this is my pollack style fabric art that will not sell for 140 million dollars
mine was inspired my this pollack that hangs in the Met.

I'm sure you all have seen his paintings as he is one of the most famous of the modern artists from the 1940's era when modern art was in it's early stages.
I've always been one of those cynics that didn't understand this type of art but I am now "getting it"
What changed my narrow minded old fashioned stick in the mud ways?
this book 
It is historical fiction set in the 1940's and is a must read for anyone that loves art or just loves a good read - I listened on audio book and it was really good 
So after watching a you tube video or 2 on how to paint like Pollack
 (what did  we do before you tube) 

I took some fabric that I had rust dyed to start with
 then I took some regular house paint - that's what Jackson used
(we are on a first name basis now that I am painting like him) (grin)
and I dribbled

 then I flung and spattered
 and dribbled some more only bigger and with more passion!
 finally after much dribbling, flinging, passion (and a few glasses of wine) - I ended up with this masterpiece - not bad!

If I were to do this again I wouldn't quilt it. I had no idea how to quilt this and just haphazardly went about it and frankly made it look worse. 
All in all it was really fun.

please be sure to check out the other bloggers posting today for the art with fabric blog hop- click here for a list of who and for clickable links to their blogs each day all week. It's really interesting to see what people do - such a wide variety of talent. 

Friday, May 18, 2018

The last word

Do you get art quilting studio magazine? 

Guess who is on the last word page? That’s right - it’s me! I’m very honored that they asked me to write it and show my It’s in your hands piece. 
I have to say this magazine has come along way. ( Im not just saying that cause I’m in it) A few years ago I thought it was so-so but in the last couple of years it really has blossomed to have some really good articles and amazing quilts by a diverse bunch. It’s big too, 144 pages. I get art quilting magazine but it seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

Between getting out in the beautiful weather we are having and painting my walls. (It takes me forever to paint) I haven’t done much quilting but I did finish this notebook journal cover

See how the front and back make one landscape? I like it.

The temps are in the high 60s low 70s around here right now so I am enjoying the outside as much as possible. We haven’t seen green leaves in 6 months so it is always a thrill to see trees and plants come alive again. I hope you are enjoying the spring as well!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mom the quilter

First of all Happy Mothers Day! To all the mothers out there. I am very lucky and blessed to still have my mom alive and in my life at the age of 85. I went to see her for a Mother’s Day bbq and wanted to show you what a talented quilter she is still at the age of 85. She may not see as well or remember things like she used to but she still has it in the quilting department.

For instance she saw this quilt that is in the Smithsonian in a magazine

It tells about the quilt here. There was no pattern so she made one up herself

No computer generated e quilt pattern. She does it the way she always has, on graph paper.

And of course a quilt that is like the Copp family quilt has to be hand quilted. 

Here it is - nice , huh? And those little tiny Ohio star blocks in the middle? Pieced the regular way. Not paper pieced. She is very precise and exact which makes her such a good traditional quilter. She’s been at it for 60 years.

Here is a recent finish of hers as well.

And this is on her design wall

And this. Glen do you remember these beach houses you shared from someone online? I really liked it so printed it out but since it takes a lot of exact piecing of strips, I have never had the nerve to try it. I showed my mom and it’s taking awhile but she’s doing it after drafting herself a pattern.  There are more smaller houses to add and so it just gets harder and harder as they get smaller. 

So anyway, happy moms day to one and all (fur baby moms included of course)

Friday, May 4, 2018


I finally found some time (and my sewing machine) to do some fabric play. Made this little landscape the size of a composition notebook as I’ll probably make it into a journal. The bird museum took a few on consignment. I haven’t sold a thing on Etsy since they started letting people sell anything. Doesn’t have to be handmade anymore apparently and there are so many sellers you would never find me. It’s become more like eBay. I even saw someone selling a car and they had it classified as handmade! 

I finally finished laying my floor. It’s more slippery than I thought it would be. Not good for dogs so I’ll need lots of rugs. It’s vinyl plank flooring and I really love the look of aged oak. Because it’s fairly thin I was able to lay it right over the old vinyl tile and hardwood floors. Why out that plastic wood over real hardwood you say? I wanted a new look #1 plus didn’t want to deal with the whole sanding and refinishing that would have to happen. It’s still there though so when I sell the house it will be there for someone else to refinish or when I get sick of the “fake wood”. Right now I love it ❤️
There are so many things I want to do quilt wise but there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.
It’s nice outside so am really enjoying hikes with the dogs.

Today my hiking buddy, Jean and I found fiddleheads and ramps! My favorite thing. We also saw two owls sitting on a tree branch just sitting there looking at us. So cool! 

I’ll have more quilty things to show once I finish painting my kitchen area and closet. And then there is the IKEA drawers to put together. And the floor trim molding. It never ends, but I do enjoy DYI projects. Home Depot is my new favorite store. Don’t worry, quilt shops are still #1.I haven’t completely lost my mind 😜

Friday, April 20, 2018


do you use Pinterest? If you don't you should although I warn you it can be addicting and a time suck but so many ideas! so many beautiful things! It's like a magazine that is tailored just for you.

My favorite board is the free motion quilting one and I actually do go back and look at the photos I have pinned sometimes when I am quilting something and am stuck on what to  do. Here are a few of my favorites.
 I love how she did the parts that are sort of dark very densely and it really makes sort of a trapunto effect - really amazing!
 Leah Day - you can tell her designs a mile away
 who doesn't like swirls and curls
 Leah Day again - I do love her stuff
 love this sampler - love everything about it

If you are on pinterest, follow me so I can follow you back and then I can see the cool stuff that you have found. I am here on pinterest.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Let it be

Here is another let it be quilt. Being a simple design it’s easy to plan ahead and leave enough fabric all the way around to wrap around a canvas for hanging. I left a good 3inches all the way around to wrap a canvas for hanging.

Look at my island counter top! It is truly a work of art made by nature. They cut these big slabs from rock and you can see the shifting of the rock or earth whatever it is that makes that swirly ripple. Reminds me of a stream. 

I didn’t put anything on it for a couple of days so I could could bask in the glory but of course now it’s got all all sorts of crap everywhere.

Not much quilting going on because I am installing a vinyl plank floor my self which is a job. I had to take down my sewing machine set up to do it and that is really motivating me to get it done. 

I’ll leave you with this cool inspirational photo I took last week after a freezing rain night with lots of wind. These ice covered sticks look like women rising from the deep to invade the world!