Friday, October 12, 2018

Blue heron quilt

 I’m not thrilled about how he came out but it was really fun experimenting with the hairy fabric for his body. Where I went wrong is the pattern honestly. I cropped a photo and now see it would have been better either left whole of cropped higher up showing less body. It just seems not in proportion somehow. Oh well, live and learn. Anyway here are some pics of making him.

 But first a closeup.

 The pattern made from a photo I got online from a free to use public domain site

 polyester fabric that was whith with long hair like stuff that I painted with a thinned out paint. Here it’s wet

 Here it’s dry - pretty light but different shades which is how a heron is colored. So perfect!

 Laying out the pieces after fusible has been applied and paper removed. See thru white fabric over the pattern for a base.

 Quilting the moon!

 Beak before shading


 Originally the part around the eye was that lighter color. That was cut out of fabric but I thought it looked to much like a mask once it was on there. To small so I took a blue sharpie and colored in to make it bigger. But then it was to light.

 Nothing some light blue thread can’t fix.

To me my favorite part of art quilting (well next to picking out the fabrics, and maybe the free motion part) is getting into a corner - a mistake or a how can I do that? And figuring out how to fix it or do it. It’s like a puzzle. 

What’s your favorite part of quilting?