Friday, June 26, 2015

Snow bunny off the edge quilting

This is my monthly off the edge quilting project to go along with the so scrappy rainbow quilt challenge where she tells us a color each month and quilters do blocks with scraps with that color.

This month was light blue.


I used a novelty print square for this one and a nice light blue mottled batik for the background.

As you can see I held myself back from doing a lot of coloring in like my last few off the edge projects and I have to say that sometimes less is more. I like it :-)


I started by drawing the trees, snow and bunny in his hidey hole in pencil, then free motion quilted over the pencil with black thread. (These illustration photos were taken inside and the finish at the top outside which shows you what a difference taking your photos with natural light makes)

But I digress :-)


Sky is stippled with light blue thread.


I had to do some color so dabbed some pearl white fabric paint on some of the snow and colored the background snow with white thread.


Colored in the bunny's eyes with black micron pen and with colored pencil his "lair".

You can see him better now. He's so cute!

Go to the rainbow scrap challenge every Saturday to see all the blocks of a different color.




Thursday, June 25, 2015

Spider web

This is what I'm working on this week - still a WIP


I started with a cool looking dark sort of old dark barn wall sort of batik and made some lighter "boards"

Decided to fuse some dark brownish shade parts on the "boards"


Drew a spider web with white chalk marker then with a thick white thread FMQ the web. The back at this point just has interfacing. The web was done without the boards and then they are added and quilted down.

Batting and backing, then quilted some more :-)


I want to add some "stuff" so first I found a roll of sheer in a nice eerie green. I cut it in uneven random strips.


Then lit a candle and ran the edges through the flame so it melted and curled. Burnt a couple holes too.

That's where I stand as of today - stay tuned for

"The rest of the story"

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Out of the box quilting : Charlotte

Charlotte of the beautiful Adirondack mountains made these beautiful art quilts using the "off the edge quilting" style that I have talked about experimenting with. They are so gorgeous I just had to share.

this one had a kaffe fasette flower that she surrounded with a matching brown then a lovely cream colored silk - look at those feathers and flowers she quilted!

This one really is stunning - a hand painted square that she made some flying geese and inserted in the middle like flying thru the painted sky - and that sun with the hand dye surrounding. LOVE!

Here's another kaffe print where she brought the flowers out into the green border and another hand dye on the outside border. Really nice!

Nicely done Charlotte! 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

OMG quilts

There is a group of art quilters on Facebook called OMG quilts that peaked my interest. The OMG stands for organic modern graphic. So far I've not been a fan of the " modern quilts". But this group has many rules of which I like - first being no piecing. All appliqué which works for me. There are size constraints. No problem. The two rules that I find hard is it must be graphic and made with organic shapes - no pictorial designs and my brain just can't wrap around just a concept. Easier said than done.

So I went with an idea that doesn't meet the criteria of non pictorial or organic shapes technically but it works for me, was a blast to make with all the free motion quilting area to play in and well ..... That is why we make quilts isn't it?

It is 30"x20"

I used a thick red thread to quilt these words to live by

We are all girls no matter what our age after all.


I really like how my quilting came out - The photo isn't really showing it off very well but trust me

It's magnificent!

If you want to check out the Facebook group go here

These women really know their stuff and if you're like me and are not really into modern quilts this is a good place to start.



Friday, June 5, 2015

Serenity 2

What have I been up to quilt wise this week?

Finished another dog on the dock looking at the mist quilt. I think serenity is a good name for this.

That's what I feel sitting on a dock on a quiet morning in the summer.

I'm making a pattern for download on craftsy for this so will be doing one more to make sure I have all the components right.


I had made this little cairn mini quilt awhile ago but just mounted it on stretched canvas. I happened to be in Micheals and saw some 12"x12" black canvas on sale. This was so easy since I didn't even have to paint the canvas. The word was printed out on freezer paper backed fabric. Serenity again! Hmmmmmm...... I must have serenity on the brain. Could be worse. Anyway I tried using fabric medium instead of mod podge to glue and coat the word and liked it better. Seems to blend better and not so glossy. Everything else was glued down using my trusty glue gun.


And last but not least I'm free motion quilting away on a fun project that I will share with you next week.

Have a creative quilty week!