Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jo Diggs

I have been in awe of Jo Diggs work for years. Her work inspired me to get into and fall in love with landscape quilting. 

she had a special exibit at the VQF this year where I 

ooooooowwwwww ed

and aaaaahhhhhhhh ed

 and wowwwwwwwwwww ed

 and OMG! ed

She uses mostly hand dyed or painted, letting the fabric speak

this one is made of wool!


I think her message (something need to remember and do more of)
Keep it simple, make the workmanship as good as you can
and use those beautiful fabrics you've been hoarding on the shelf!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

CPP milkshake

Ok, I never said I was an artist as this sketch will prove. Jaye of artquiltmaker fame throws out a word every friday and for those of us who would like to learn and practice sketching
(or what ever other creative process) can do something with that word as a "prompt". There really are no rules, you do it when you can and how you can - just kind of gives me a push to sketch and I obviously need the practice - lol! and Jaye is very supportive - (thank you Jaye)

So I found this pnoto on the internet that caught my eye

and here's my sketch - looks nothing like the photo, but at least the photo gave me something to look at and go by - Somehow Lionel Richie on steriods somehow magically appeared!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Off into the sunset


In hindsight, I should have added the tule before the boat but didn't think of tule until Nina suggested it (thank you Nina) Nina very talented quilt artist who has a blog called creations, quilts whatever and hosts a link up on Fridays called off the wall quilts. If you have some time on Fridays check out a few of the blogs - some very talented people link up there.

Anyway, the tulle works but not having used to much was not sure if I should quilt over it or under it.

This morning I took a little piece of - well it's really not tulle, it's a sheer poly fabric - and quilted on a practice piece and it does quilt quite nicely. So next time ill try quilting over it. Anyone else have experience with tule or sheer? I've never been happy with any other time I've used it but this one I like.


And I love the feet :)



I'm also working on a pattern for beginner fusible appliqu├ęs to put up on craftsy.


And the beginning idea sketch phase of a river scene

............. And NO I will not be making 23 more sketches ;-)

Go check out the blogs on off the wall Friday


Quilt On!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Red rocks park walk 7/25/13

Some inspirational photos on my day off walk today at Red rocks park.


We're off to see the wizard! Or is that a lizard?

An old dead tree with moss


Red rocks


the payoff


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mary Ellen Hopkins - RIP - one feisty lady

A quilting legend has left this world, she was 83 and lived a full quilty life

My favorite episodes on Simply Quilts were with Mary Ellen - some would say she was so full of joy and enthusiasum, some would say she was full of "it" - lol! Whatever it was, she was inspiring to watch.
I'll always remember her advice about quilting - "Don't get all caught up with will this work and will that work - just make a decision and get on with your life!" To this day that's how I run my life.

And the term PPM - pick a number, say 2" - that is your personal private measurement - go from there! you can create thousands of different quilts using just your PPM. make a square from your PPM - double your PPM square and now you have a 4" square - make a rectangle from your PPM ...... on and on.

If you have never used one of Mary Ellens books go get one now - the entertainment value alone is worth it to say nothing of all the quick and easy patterns you will end up with.