Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mary Ellen Hopkins - RIP - one feisty lady

A quilting legend has left this world, she was 83 and lived a full quilty life

My favorite episodes on Simply Quilts were with Mary Ellen - some would say she was so full of joy and enthusiasum, some would say she was full of "it" - lol! Whatever it was, she was inspiring to watch.
I'll always remember her advice about quilting - "Don't get all caught up with will this work and will that work - just make a decision and get on with your life!" To this day that's how I run my life.

And the term PPM - pick a number, say 2" - that is your personal private measurement - go from there! you can create thousands of different quilts using just your PPM. make a square from your PPM - double your PPM square and now you have a 4" square - make a rectangle from your PPM ...... on and on.

If you have never used one of Mary Ellens books go get one now - the entertainment value alone is worth it to say nothing of all the quick and easy patterns you will end up with.

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  1. I love her thinking!

    I made the appropriate changes to my sidebar to get this new set up added in.

    I have so much internal work to do (cleaning up my room) so I can get to the external work (working on quilts) and finish up my retreat work!