Friday, July 26, 2013

Off into the sunset


In hindsight, I should have added the tule before the boat but didn't think of tule until Nina suggested it (thank you Nina) Nina very talented quilt artist who has a blog called creations, quilts whatever and hosts a link up on Fridays called off the wall quilts. If you have some time on Fridays check out a few of the blogs - some very talented people link up there.

Anyway, the tulle works but not having used to much was not sure if I should quilt over it or under it.

This morning I took a little piece of - well it's really not tulle, it's a sheer poly fabric - and quilted on a practice piece and it does quilt quite nicely. So next time ill try quilting over it. Anyone else have experience with tule or sheer? I've never been happy with any other time I've used it but this one I like.


And I love the feet :)



I'm also working on a pattern for beginner fusible appliqu├ęs to put up on craftsy.


And the beginning idea sketch phase of a river scene

............. And NO I will not be making 23 more sketches ;-)

Go check out the blogs on off the wall Friday


Quilt On!



  1. Great projects! About the tulle....I use tulle (fine net) quite often usually as an overlay for my final layer....and then add all my quilting

  2. I love the feet too!!

    I use tulle in all the wonderful colors. I quilt over it and it does very nicely. I have done a piece with silk flowers and another with tiny pieces of sliced up fabrics in which I laid my tulle over the top and quilted it all down.