Friday, December 7, 2018

Evil labyrinth quilt

I’m trying to make a smaller version of the labyrinth quilt. I’m sure you’ve seen it, it’s a pattern quite popular made by Christopher Florence and is written to be an 84” by 84” size quilt. I didn’t want such a large quilt so I cut all the measurements in half and went to town.

I cut out all the million pieces and labeled them with sticky’s. All ready all this organization is scary and out of my normal routine. But oh yeah! I can do this easy peasy at least that is what I have heard about this quilt.
 Ha! Well after much adjusting and fixing the first five blocks went together .
 Only a couple times did I have to break out this tool of torture and woe. 

 Now the next 4 blocks almost did me in. The tool of torture ripped many a screaming seam. ( or was that me screaming) but I digress.
 I’m finally at this point so the end it near. See those white strips? They are only 5/8” wide before sewing so not much room for error and I am not a precise quilter so error I am doing much of. 

I may not be precise and perfect but I make up for it in determination and I WILL conquer the demons in this labyrinth. I am quilter! Hear me roar!

Stay tuned 😁