Friday, July 22, 2016

Land of Zu improved


Much better thanks to a suggestion from Glen, Inktense pencils and a quilted moon


This is the before - what a difference a moon makes


And this is the Zu being my co pilot - ever since she saw the movie Ace Ventura Pet detective, she hangs out the window shouting "ALRIGHTY THEN!"

(Don't worry I was on a dirt road going 10 mpr while taking this picture)


And last but not least finished one of these fabric baskets I love to make.

Those are fishing flies on the outside. Why fishing flies?

Why not?


Friday, July 15, 2016

Fat quarter landscape


The land of Zu

(Sorry the photo had to be taken in not so great lighting, the colors are better in real life)


I'm still finishing the binding on this one but finished enough to show. My idea is to make a landscape using just one fat quarter as the whole sky and water. Problem is I think the mountains/land look like clouds or something. The sky needs to be just alittle different. Also I used an almost white color which is cloud like.

I really love the colors though, so it's staying like it is.

I started another like it and really liked this color combo but .........

Once cut out - not enough contrast - kind of muddy


Better? Sort of

I think I'll go with this background and this one will try to quilt the sky and water with different color thread to see what that does. That's what I love about quilting - it's like a puzzle. Keeps you interested because you want to see how it turns out.

I'll let you know next week how it turns out


Friday, July 8, 2016

Cardinal art quilt

Meet Carl - he lives in my backyard and sings to me a lot . Or maybe he is yelling at my dogs as he thinks it is his backyard. His mate is not as vocal and she demurely sits in the background while Carl flies around getting all worked up when someone comes in his yard. Mrs.Carl is not red but a sophisticated brownish olive color. She does sport the red beak, a girl has to have a splash of color to make her look complete.


I haven't finished putting the facing finish or sleeve on but thanks to the miracle of cropping I can still show Carl as a finish to you this week. Speaking of facing, I am doing them a new way which is really simple although not new. Really you could call it the "old fashioned way" but it works! The old way I was doing them left the corners to "pointy". I made a tutorial here on the blog as a separate page if you are interested.


I've started on a landscape using this beautiful background. A lot of people don't like brown but it's one of my favorite colors. Granted it's a bit weird to have browns as a sky and water but think foggy morning light.

I drew it out just the right size to use some of the gorgeous fat quarter sky/water fabrics I bought at the quilt show a couple weeks ago. I'm sure you will be seeing variations of this in the weeks to come.

Hope you are enjoying the summer, it's getting hot and humid here in Vermont and I hate it. How do you people in the south handle it? Yesterday I went to Lake Champlain and the water was turning green and there was foam like suds all along the shore. Combination of heat and way to many tourists in boats. I make my living from the tourist dollar so I guess we need them but ............ What a price to pay :-/

Ok, enough ranting - have a great week!


Thursday, June 30, 2016


Bird in progress









I'm the guest host this week for 52 quilters and I've been posting these pics this week and will keep posting them as I move along with my BIP ( bird in progress)

If you're on Instagram, check out the 52quilters. Each week a new quilter takes over the Instagram feed and blog. I'm enjoying seeing so many quilting posts since 52quiters has over 5,000 followers so someone is always posting some bit of quilting goodness every minute of the day world wide.


Friday, June 17, 2016

Osprey fabric art

A few weeks ago on a hike we came upon an osprey nest high up on a dead tree and the mother was circling and yelling at us. She was none to happy. It was quite a site. So for my next bird quilt I wanted to do an osprey - a truly magestic bird.

Here is the photo I worked from

A line drawing from the photo


Applique added


Inktense pencil touches (still wet here)


Finding a background


Quilted and finished.

I shall call her Olive ;-)


Thursday, June 9, 2016

WIP 6/9

I took that landscape seasons row quilt that was not playing nice off the shelf and adjusted things.


I'm liking it much better now.


I'm almost finished quilting it.


Since I need to have at least two projects going at the same time, I started an osprey. Here is the pattern.


This is as far as I got so far. I love that beak fabric!

Do you like to have numerous projects going at once or are you monogamous with your quilting?

I guess I'm a quilting slut because I jump from one to the other without a second look back ;-)

For the last two years I've had my eye out for my favorite mushroom in the woods and on today's hike I came across the mother load! Oyster mushrooms! I just cooked some - sooooo good!


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Alabaster lotus bud

What happens when you throw your used tea bags into a bin with scrunched up white cotton fabric?


To it looks like Alabaster - that white marble looking stuff.

So I decided to make it into an alabaster lotus bud - a symbol of purity and the journey to enlightenment.


If I try this again I will soak the fabric first in soda ash. When I rinsed the fabric, a lot of the colt came out. I had some tea bags that left a nice pinkish reddish stain but it all came out. I'm

not a dyer but I think the soda ash makes dyes adhere to the fabric better. You should try this - just throw the fabric in a box or bin and every time you have a cuppa just throw the bag in - what have you got to lose?

I would love to see what you end up with :-)


Oh! And I want to wish my parents who are in their 80's and thankfully still going strong -

A happy 60th wedding anniversary!

60 years of marriage - and still in love - WOW!