Friday, August 24, 2018

Jeans upcycle

I’ve been hoarding collecting jeans for awhile and haven’t used them until now. 

Yes, another journal cover - this is the last one for awhile. (Maybe) ☺️(sheepish grin)

The inside flaps are from the flannel shirt front

How cool is that! 
 Also made a collar for zu zu. I found the buckle on Etsy that can be personalized and used her old collar for a pattern. Here’s a tip the woman at the pet food store told me - dab some clear nail polish on the engraving and it won’t wear off. 

I don’t wear nail polish but had some polycyclic which is just as good . 

Have you made upcycled stuff?  What do you make?
I keep wanting to do more of it but then my beautiful batiks call “use me! Use me! “

Friday, August 17, 2018

This week

What did I do this week. Well I priced and tagged all the stuff I have made for the fair which takes a lot of time.

I also finished this

And rust dyed this

And this

And still had time to order some fabric online (or maybe that was last week)

Anyway I received it today. That’s the thing about ordering online you kind of forget about it and then get a lovely present in the mail. 
Have a great week!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Simplicity/ Solitude/Serenity

I had a little landscape but seemed rather “potholder like” so on a canvas it goes. Couldn’t find my glue gun so used this stuff I had in my hardware tool kit left from putting baseboards in my kitchen. Seems to work ok.

Of course not a perfect fit - need to put something on the bottom so it looks like I planned that empty space.

Printed words on paper and covered it with clear tape to protect. Don’t like the looks of the shells though 

Darker and more shells? A little yarn? Better but still not right

More yarn and small driftwood pieces found on the beach. - yes! Simplicity found in solitude causes the serenity of a finished art quilt 😉

Friday, August 3, 2018

Black bird singing in the dead of night

Finished! I love a good moon, don’t you?

Did you know that Paul McCartney wasn’t writing about a bird? Here is part of an interview with him about the song

'I had in mind a black woman, rather than a bird. Those were the days of the civil rights movement, which all of us cared passionately about, so this was really a song from me to a black woman, experiencing these problems in the States: “Let me encourage you to keep trying, to keep your faith; there is hope.”

As is often the case with my things, a veiling took place, so rather than saying, “Black woman living in Little Rock” and be very specific, she became a bird, became symbolic, so you could apply it to your particular problem.'