Friday, April 20, 2018


do you use Pinterest? If you don't you should although I warn you it can be addicting and a time suck but so many ideas! so many beautiful things! It's like a magazine that is tailored just for you.

My favorite board is the free motion quilting one and I actually do go back and look at the photos I have pinned sometimes when I am quilting something and am stuck on what to  do. Here are a few of my favorites.
 I love how she did the parts that are sort of dark very densely and it really makes sort of a trapunto effect - really amazing!
 Leah Day - you can tell her designs a mile away
 who doesn't like swirls and curls
 Leah Day again - I do love her stuff
 love this sampler - love everything about it

If you are on pinterest, follow me so I can follow you back and then I can see the cool stuff that you have found. I am here on pinterest.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Let it be

Here is another let it be quilt. Being a simple design it’s easy to plan ahead and leave enough fabric all the way around to wrap around a canvas for hanging. I left a good 3inches all the way around to wrap a canvas for hanging.

Look at my island counter top! It is truly a work of art made by nature. They cut these big slabs from rock and you can see the shifting of the rock or earth whatever it is that makes that swirly ripple. Reminds me of a stream. 

I didn’t put anything on it for a couple of days so I could could bask in the glory but of course now it’s got all all sorts of crap everywhere.

Not much quilting going on because I am installing a vinyl plank floor my self which is a job. I had to take down my sewing machine set up to do it and that is really motivating me to get it done. 

I’ll leave you with this cool inspirational photo I took last week after a freezing rain night with lots of wind. These ice covered sticks look like women rising from the deep to invade the world! 

Friday, April 6, 2018

Nature journal

Not much sewing going on because of my kitchen being renovated and the chaos that creates. Fabric shopping has been replaced (temporarily, I haven’t completely lost my mind) with Home Depot and Lowe’s. I am going to do the floors and paint myself so that means tools. I see why guys have so many tools. You need a special one for every little thing you wanna do. 

Anyway, I can’t just not quilt - just not in me. So I took some fabric that goes together and sewed it randomly together .

And made this journal cover. I love the pine cone fabric.

Here’s the back.
Right now I’m waiting for the granite counter tops to be delivered - so exciting! I’ll show you pictures next week 😉