Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tablet pillow rests

I love these things!

They work perfectly for my ipad and i use it alot to watch hulu while sewing. Right now I'm working my way thru all 96 episodes of "the good wife" I am hooked.

This time because i knew i was going to make a bunch - instead of the usual rice or beans for weight, i went to a discount place and found a 20 pound bag of bird seed for 5 bucks. It works great!

Thye have just the right combination of machine sewing and sit on the couch hand work to make them very enjoyable for me.

Here's all 20 of them, ready to go complete with tags to tell people what they are for. I hope they sell because i have alot more fabric i would like to use up and lots of couch time to attend to 😜

I also want to thank Swooze for her comment and suggestion to try blogo for writing posts on my ipad. I had tried it but didnt take the time to learn to use it, so went back to it and it is easy, intuitive and meets my needs. I bought blog pro and found it to be a waste of 5 bucks and blogo is free. Live and learn 🙉

Friday, August 18, 2017

The rust diaries continue

  Glen suggested I try steel wool - why not? So I took an SOS pad that the soap was used up and wrapped it around a bottle.

 Then tied the fabric after soaking in vinegar and water.
 It works! Here it is the morning after.
 And here it is after rinsing. - nice! Thank you Glen 😍

' The next thing was to try a bunch of big rusted things. I laid them out on vinegar soaked cotton that has a nice loose weave - kind of linen like.
 This was left overnight in the rain.
 And here it is after a couple days. It didn't really take the shape of the different items but I'm not really after that. I want some interesting mottled blobs of color.
 And that's exactly what I got. Nice texture to it. All and all I'm very happy with how they came out. I have no idea what I will do with it but it's sure fun to see how it comes out 😊

If things look alitttle weird with my posts, I got a new iPad and the app I used before (blogsy) is no more so I cant use it and the only thing I can find to use is called blogspot pro and it is not the most user friendly even though it cost 5 bucks. I think google shows its feelings about apple by not allowing us a decent app to use with their blogspot. Do any of you use an iPad to post on blogger? If so, what do you use? I tried going right to blogger and that is frustrating as hell. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

The rust diaries

 Let the experimentation begin!

First after spraying with vinegar some rusty stuff was wrapped in white cotton.

I didn't like the stark white so decided to make a tea bath and let it steep in that for awhile.

It didn't take the tea like I had hoped so threw on some more rusty stuff and let it sit in the rain.

It turned blue !

Most of the blue went away after rinsing in salt and then water and soap. 
It was then laid out to dry.

Since the forecast called for rain (again) I left it for another rinse and what the hell, lets throw the leftover dark rusty water left in the container from the last rain in the middle.

This is what I ended up with, sort of looks like an old paint rag.

But if you break it up look! 
Good stuff! 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Rusty stuff

I am in the process of the daunting task of cleaning all of the old crap from my basement and look what I found! I started to carry it to the take to the dump pile but could hear my dear online friend Glen all the way from Baton Rouge saying - no! Look at all that beautiful rust! I've never "rusted" fabric but remember some of the wonderful fabric she has created from things like this.

I have no idea how to do it but am sure I can find directions online so stay tuned.

I'm not able to get any extra time off this summer so am enjoying the time I have. This is how I de stress and stay happy. Getting out and enjoying the peace and quiet of nature.
Sewing wise I am making a bunch of the tablet/ phone pillows to sell at the fair. They require a fair amount of hand sewing and stuffing which is perfect for porch sitting, another favorite summmer pastime. I've put a tutorial on how to make them on a page here on the blog. Be sure to stuff as much in there as you can. It's key to holding the tablet well.