Friday, November 21, 2014

Shadows and light

Working on a landscape of one of my favorite spots - Ausable Point on Lake Champlain.


Like the colors together but the far water doesn't look like water that much but going with it.


Starting to quilt and added some light coming thru the clouds shining on the water, trying to connect the lighter parts of the lower water with the sky somehow but not satisfied yet.


Tried a shadow under the boat but doesn't look right. If the light is coming from the direction I have it, I suppose it should be all light under the boat but ........


Made the boat shadow darker but do not like that


So this where I'm at now, lightened up the boat shadow by adding some watered down opaque white fabric paint. Added more pearl light from the sky. I ran out of the pearl though so stopped am giving it a rest.

I may be overthinking this.

What would you try next? How should I embellish? Should I embellish?


I will post this on Nina's off the wall link up - a talented bunch and maybe get some input

Friday, November 14, 2014

Beckam the Alpalca


I met Beckam at the Alpalca show last month and was was quite taken with him. What a charmer!


Bald Beckam


After enlarging his photo, and tracing his body parts - they traced onto freezer paper and I pressed under all his pieces. I did eyes and nostrils with fusible (I'm not crazy) using all fusible would work but I don't like doing heavy quilting or thread painting over all that glue so taking the time to turn under is worth it.

Yes, lots of thread


I wanted some hay in his mouth because ....... Well that is what Alpalcas do.

Took some hayish looking yarn and wrapped around floral taped wire, cut a hole on his mouth and sewed it down. The hay came out a bit wierd but then so is Beckam




Friday, November 7, 2014

Filling in baldness




I'm almost done with my alpaca and not ready to show you yet but just wanted to share an issue I had with his head.

Here is the original photo - isn't he cute?


His hair on top is puffy so I made it like a helmet with fabric and then thread painted over it. I only had a thick 40w thread so don't really want to go to thick or the thread breaks and misbehaves. He looked like he is loosing his hair :-/


So I just filled in along the top - thread was fine, no breakage or weirdness :-)


I like it so much better now.


I also finished another stones / quiet your mind quilt. I am in the process of making a downloadable pattern for this but can't decide on a name. I will be including both "quiet your mind" and "soothe your soul" for wording. Some people call these rock sculptures, some cairnes, some just a pile of rocks.

Any suggestions?

Anyone want to test the pattern when it's done?

If you do, send me your email address and I'll send you the pattern when it's done. All I ask in return is constructive critism with suggestions. Beginners welcome as I think this one is actually quite easy and would like to market to beginners IF it is indeed appropriate for a beginner.

Want to quiet your mind?