Friday, March 21, 2014

A quiet moment between friends - new one

I've almost got this one done for a lady who requested a green border. Notice the "moontavishing" on the moon. Love it :-) I have the pattern for sale on craftsy if you want to make one of these for yourself. See the craftsy pattern link to the right.

Ok, enough shameless self promotion:-)


Here's some helpful information. On my never ending quest to find an inexpensive thread that will hold up and play nicely I am trying this one from joannes. It's toldI lock poly, supposedly made by gutterman. I know, I know, you all hate gutterman and joannes thread but this is actually playing nice tension wise as you can see above. That is the back of a mug rug that I practiced on. I haven't gone pedal to the metal yet but went up to 50% speed on the sweet 16 and no breakage or problems. Yes it is linty and I will have to clean out the bobbin area but I can deal with that. I can literally walk to Joannes from my house so if I need a certain color - boom! I'm there. And it's cheap, I think I paid 3 bucks with a coupon for 2500 yds. I think I will ask handi quilter if linty thread will gunk up the works inside somehow. I'll let you know what I find out. I do like the aurifill and Isacord better of course but I have to get both online and between the shipping cost and high cost to begin with, I really am hoping for an alternative.

Have you any less expensive threads for quilting suggestions?

I have tried the metro sigma which is ok, no lint but really slippery and shiney and the shipping is 11 bucks.


My next project - do you know what this is? I am going to try something different.

Stay tuned


Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Amy is having a McTavishing linky party and if you like the free motion quilting method then it's definately worth a look. The project she is working on is gorgeous and gives me much inspiration. She drew me in with the circle and here is what I am practicing.


This is one of many circle doodles


I had this small sun print / painted fabric in my stash so practiced on it- looks moonish


Then on to finish off this art quilt that was all quilted except the moon. I know a bold move since if I screwed it up I could ruin the whole thing but just went for it.

I like it ;-)

Have you ever tried McTavishing?


Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy international quilting day!

The quilt show - you know the online one that you have to pay for with Alex Anderson and Ricky Timms.

It's free this week end! They have the first 13 series free that is which is more than enough to keep you in quilting nirvana for this week end. It starts today so I'm off to watch Lyric Kinard's talk about art design and I see one with Angela Walters and .........


But before I go to immerse myself with quilty knowledge I want to show you what I did yesterday morning


I opened the door to go outside



Took one look at my car (yes there is a car under there)

Went back inside, cuddled under the nearest quilt with the nearest dog


And declared it a snow sew day!



Friday, March 7, 2014

Seminole piecing

Does anyone remember Seminole piecing? It was big back in "the olden days" when I started quilting. I wanted to do something southwesternish and Seminole piecing came to mind. I tried to remember how to do it, of course had forgotten so googled it and it all came back. I am doing the basic simplest block

Sew together strips, I used 1" then cut apart using that same measurement. In this case 1".

Sew together as above photo so you make them go sort of diagonally.

Like this


Once they are at the desired length, add strips to the sides cutting off all the uneven parts.



I think I will pair it with this fabric for a mug rug.


I've also been practicing my free motion quilting using this quilt top my mom gave me (all pieced and even layered and basted) thank you mom!

I'm sewing along with Leah Days craftsy class where she does a sampler with each block quilted a different design. This quilt has a lot of fairly good sized blocks so I'm treating it like a sampler. I set my I pad right next to my beloved sweet 16 handiquilter and quilt my little heart out. Yes there are some loops on the back, yes some of them don't look like they should but I'm getting better and becoming "one" with my machine.

I love Craftsy classes, have you tried any?