Friday, March 7, 2014

Seminole piecing

Does anyone remember Seminole piecing? It was big back in "the olden days" when I started quilting. I wanted to do something southwesternish and Seminole piecing came to mind. I tried to remember how to do it, of course had forgotten so googled it and it all came back. I am doing the basic simplest block

Sew together strips, I used 1" then cut apart using that same measurement. In this case 1".

Sew together as above photo so you make them go sort of diagonally.

Like this


Once they are at the desired length, add strips to the sides cutting off all the uneven parts.



I think I will pair it with this fabric for a mug rug.


I've also been practicing my free motion quilting using this quilt top my mom gave me (all pieced and even layered and basted) thank you mom!

I'm sewing along with Leah Days craftsy class where she does a sampler with each block quilted a different design. This quilt has a lot of fairly good sized blocks so I'm treating it like a sampler. I set my I pad right next to my beloved sweet 16 handiquilter and quilt my little heart out. Yes there are some loops on the back, yes some of them don't look like they should but I'm getting better and becoming "one" with my machine.

I love Craftsy classes, have you tried any?




  1. Love the seminole piecing. That is really interesting. I'm totally jealous of your Sweet 16...some day. LOL!

  2. That should be from Sandi Colwell...guess my daughter took over my laptop and left herself signed in....

  3. ohhhhhhhh! this might just be what my ufo last years tea towel quilt needs. it stopped where it stopped because I ran out of ideas. yours is perfect!!!

    what a great idea to quilt over n already done quilt!! why didn't i think of that??