Friday, February 28, 2014

Sheer play

I've never been comfortable with the raw edge of using sheers for shadows so tried this to get a nice clean turned under edge. This will only work for something that has a mildly curved or straight edge though and you do get that double thickness where it is folded under. Not sure if I like it but for the water it might be ok.

I used my freezer paper template to get the right size for top layer. This one was easy cause it can be tucked under the mountains on the top so no turning here.

So then the next one is turned under by applying spray starch and ironing


Then pin it it the top at both ends and sew as you would any two curved pieces.

Take off the freezer paper and sew. Then iron flat. Leaving the bottom water layer the base fabric.

I then layered the batting and backing and quilted it.

So far so good, now I have to figure out what to use to make the moonlight reflection on the water.

Any suggestions? I've got the dock going in later at the bottom. Has anyone ever tried paint over sheers?

This is where I'm at right now

Update - after I posted this I went to my ironing board and lo and behold there is a dryer sheet that I had ironed flat. It is the perfect size and see thru - ness color wise. So on goes the fusible, cut it to moon shimmer likeness, ironed it down.


I like it :-)

I would still love any feedback or experience any of you have had with sheers though. They usually do not play nice with me but do love the effects that make.

Thank you for stopping by :-)



  1. Beautiful! I've not tried to paint over sheers--wait. Take that back. I did a little bit on my map art quilt and ended up appliqueing something over it, LOL. I did find I had to really water the paints down and do layers because it kept getting caught up in the netting of the sheer, even though it was a pretty tight weave. Depends on what effect you're going for, I suppose. But this is wonderful and I'm paying close attention to your process!

  2. Try burning the edges of the sheer by using the flame of a candle. This way you will not have the fraying of raw edge and you do not have the double layer of a turned under seam.

  3. I love that use of the dryer sheet! I am also looking forward to hear about the use of sheers.

  4. I have printed over sheers and it has worked well. The dryer sheet moon shimmer is perfect.

  5. I'm not sure I understand the tutorial but I add sheers by pinning in place, sewing a line of stitching, cutting away excess, then satin stitching the edge. I have been known not to satinstitch but just quilt the heck out of it and let it fray a bit. The dryer sheet is very effective as are the sheers you added. They are all tidy too.
    LeeAnna Paylor

  6. I use Angelina Fiber for shimmers on water. It can be placed under the sheer.