Friday, February 14, 2014

Mattise : Forest Nymphs

Forest Nymphs

    in stories : a spirit in the shape of a young woman who lives in mountains, forests, meadows, and water.

Glen over at Quilts and Dogs blog did a Mattise inspired art quilt and it got me looking at his work.

Was never a fan but then never really looked at his paintings in "fabric terms"

This is the original - called "the dance"

Got this far and something about the tree just didn't work. So took some bright orange thread that I thought I would never use but look how it jazzes up the tree. If I were to make this again I would put a big ol' moon behind them all but the sky quilting gives it movement .
Uh - oh , just noticed the one on the right is missing a boob.
I must fix that ;-)
hard to be a forest nymph with one boob
My car this morning - so glad I have the day off
Sew day!





  1. Fantastic piece! You really made them dance. 8-)

  2. Great use of background quilting to make the dancers look like they're swirling!

  3. Oh I love "Quilting With the Masters" or at least that's what I call it when I see quilts like yours made from art "Masters" work. Yours is lovely, I am a big fan of Matisse.

  4. great job! I've been making 12 inch quilts based on the great artists too, our group is STAT Check us out!

  5. WOW!!!! I love it. You did such a nice job with carrying the movement through the people into the quilt itself. It is a wonderful piece. Well, except for that boob thing..........

  6. I love your Forest Nymph Piece and I'm sure that I've seen one boobed nymphs around some where. As for the snow I can't even imagine driving in those conditions.