Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy international quilting day!

The quilt show - you know the online one that you have to pay for with Alex Anderson and Ricky Timms.

It's free this week end! They have the first 13 series free that is which is more than enough to keep you in quilting nirvana for this week end. It starts today so I'm off to watch Lyric Kinard's talk about art design and I see one with Angela Walters and .........


But before I go to immerse myself with quilty knowledge I want to show you what I did yesterday morning


I opened the door to go outside



Took one look at my car (yes there is a car under there)

Went back inside, cuddled under the nearest quilt with the nearest dog


And declared it a snow sew day!




  1. Snow day!!!! LOL. Happy international quilting day to you too! I sure am glad I am not flying internationally right now"!!!!!

  2. That is one happy, snuggly dog, gets to stay under the blankie with you! Happy quilting.