Friday, March 21, 2014

A quiet moment between friends - new one

I've almost got this one done for a lady who requested a green border. Notice the "moontavishing" on the moon. Love it :-) I have the pattern for sale on craftsy if you want to make one of these for yourself. See the craftsy pattern link to the right.

Ok, enough shameless self promotion:-)


Here's some helpful information. On my never ending quest to find an inexpensive thread that will hold up and play nicely I am trying this one from joannes. It's toldI lock poly, supposedly made by gutterman. I know, I know, you all hate gutterman and joannes thread but this is actually playing nice tension wise as you can see above. That is the back of a mug rug that I practiced on. I haven't gone pedal to the metal yet but went up to 50% speed on the sweet 16 and no breakage or problems. Yes it is linty and I will have to clean out the bobbin area but I can deal with that. I can literally walk to Joannes from my house so if I need a certain color - boom! I'm there. And it's cheap, I think I paid 3 bucks with a coupon for 2500 yds. I think I will ask handi quilter if linty thread will gunk up the works inside somehow. I'll let you know what I find out. I do like the aurifill and Isacord better of course but I have to get both online and between the shipping cost and high cost to begin with, I really am hoping for an alternative.

Have you any less expensive threads for quilting suggestions?

I have tried the metro sigma which is ok, no lint but really slippery and shiney and the shipping is 11 bucks.


My next project - do you know what this is? I am going to try something different.

Stay tuned



  1. looks like a ram's head. But I think it is flowers of some sort. Your moontavishing is improving each and every day! Now I want to do some.

  2. What possibilities I see. Could be a dog and person, though I am learning towards a cow or sheep face.