Friday, August 4, 2017

Rusty stuff

I am in the process of the daunting task of cleaning all of the old crap from my basement and look what I found! I started to carry it to the take to the dump pile but could hear my dear online friend Glen all the way from Baton Rouge saying - no! Look at all that beautiful rust! I've never "rusted" fabric but remember some of the wonderful fabric she has created from things like this.

I have no idea how to do it but am sure I can find directions online so stay tuned.

I'm not able to get any extra time off this summer so am enjoying the time I have. This is how I de stress and stay happy. Getting out and enjoying the peace and quiet of nature.
Sewing wise I am making a bunch of the tablet/ phone pillows to sell at the fair. They require a fair amount of hand sewing and stuffing which is perfect for porch sitting, another favorite summmer pastime. I've put a tutorial on how to make them on a page here on the blog. Be sure to stuff as much in there as you can. It's key to holding the tablet well. 


  1. Vinegar! Soak your cloth in vinegar, wrap it up around some of that AMAZING rusty stuff. I sometimes wrap it in Saran Wrap, or not. I also use rope twine or even rubber bands to tighten it around all the edges. You can continue to wet it with The vinegar, I think you can dilute your vinegar with 50/50 water even, but I use it straight. Make several bundles and take it out at various times to seemhow rusted it gets after so long.

    Then you have to "stop" the rusting process with a salt solution. A lot of salt in water, rinse like you would a dyed piece. Try dying lace doilies, lace strips, twine, PFD fabric, anything, really. Get as creative as you can stretch to!

  2. Darn this iPad, I wanted to make it o back to the first line and say......You know I love me some RUSTY THINGS!!!!

  3. I have a LOT of crafty friends that LOVE rusting fabric. I love the look and have been gifted some, but so far I have not caught the bug. You have a lot of base to work with so I'm pretty darned sure that you are going to create some gorgeous designs.
    xxx, Carol