Friday, July 28, 2017

Hummingbird quilt

This started with a picture of the  cali lily that someone posted on instagram. It was gorgeous but I didn't do it justice so decided to change the focus from just the flower and added a hummingbird. I have a published pattern with one this was an easy task.

The background is a simple white batik with a hint of blue and quilted with an overall stipple. 
I'm watching a series on PBS called Rare. A National Geographic photographer is going around the world photographing every animal that is on the endangered species list. He calls it the ark project and the show is really amazing. My point though is that he when possible takes the photos with both a black and white background. Some animals look better with a white background and some black. It's surprising how much different a piece looks depending on the background. Auditioning different fabrics is oh so important. If you haven't seen Rare you should. Its on the Pbs app or online so you can watch it anytime anywhere. Go here to see it.


  1. Thanks for the redirect to Rare, I need to check it out. Babysitting a needy squirt right. Ow.....this is why I didn't have three or six of them.

    Hummer is really nice! Flower not too shabby either! Together they make a nice composition.

  2. So true about the background. It's all in the contrast and subtlety, by receding it allows the foreground to be the focal point intended.

    Love your trademark white dot in the eye. Now that is a focal point!