Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tablet pillow rests

I love these things!

They work perfectly for my ipad and i use it alot to watch hulu while sewing. Right now I'm working my way thru all 96 episodes of "the good wife" I am hooked.

This time because i knew i was going to make a bunch - instead of the usual rice or beans for weight, i went to a discount place and found a 20 pound bag of bird seed for 5 bucks. It works great!

Thye have just the right combination of machine sewing and sit on the couch hand work to make them very enjoyable for me.

Here's all 20 of them, ready to go complete with tags to tell people what they are for. I hope they sell because i have alot more fabric i would like to use up and lots of couch time to attend to 😜

I also want to thank Swooze for her comment and suggestion to try blogo for writing posts on my ipad. I had tried it but didnt take the time to learn to use it, so went back to it and it is easy, intuitive and meets my needs. I bought blog pro and found it to be a waste of 5 bucks and blogo is free. Live and learn 🙉


  1. Um, where are you selling these? I have a new iPad ... have been thinking of making one of these for myself ... but would rather buy one, honestly.

    :) Linda

    1. Of course! I'm happy to make more. I will be putting them up in my etsy shop as I make more. I'll do another post when I get more made. Yeah! More couch time!

  2. That Suzette is pretty smart! Love your stands. I think I need to buy one. Got one with doggies on it?
    The good wife was one of my favorite shows. And then it went off the air.

  3. Did you have a tutorial or pattern you used?

    Glad blogo worked for you

  4. It's so amazing that you posted about these. I know just the person that needs one. Thanks for the tutorial too!
    xx, Carol


  5. If you use plastic pellets as your filler they become washable, ask me how I know.