Friday, September 1, 2017

Pour painting experiment

I've seen people do pour painting on canvas or plastic so of of course I want to try it on fabric.

I taped fabric on a plastic lid hoping to make it easier to turn to make the paint flow.

Now the people that do this alot use a product callled paint flow (or something like that) but this may be a one time thing so i found the cheap way to try it. You can use Elmers glue, so elmers is poured in 3 small plastic cups.

Then paint is added. They also say to add a bit of liquid silicone which is a lubricant that is supposed to create cell like bubbles. I added it but didnt see any cells.

Then one at a time pour the paint into a bigger cup kind of like in layers.

Then just dump it on the fabric. Its really thick so you turn the fabric so it flows and mixes sort of like a lava flow. Stop when you like what it looks like.

After it dried though there are alot of sort of nubby - ness. Probablly caused from the paint absorbing into the fabric.
So last night i tried ironing fusible web on the fabric first. Then i found some all purpose sealer and painted that on first and let it dry. Then did the same process as before.

This morning it is not dry since the paint is so thick but the results are much better.

We shall see once its dry but it looks really cool! I wont be able to quilt through this being so thick with paint but it was a fun thing to try. I have an idea on what to do with it so stay tuned 😉

Now i just have to see if i can get the fabric off the plastic lid since i poured elmers glue all over it.


  1. Just curious.. What brand of paint did you use to mix with the Elmers. Maybe put parchment paper on the lid first so you can remove the fabric - or cling wrap and then it could staay on and stitch thru it. Been watching some alcohol ink videos so this was very interesting to me.

  2. Be sure to show us the final results. The colors are great.

  3. Thank you for taking us through the process of what works and what didn't work as you expected. The nubby texture could prove perfect for something. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the final product.

  4. We're having a clay discussion on FB about doing this kind of pour painting on clay pieces. Interesting that so many have the same kind of idea at the same time.

  5. looks great but I couldn't handle the smells of heating it. Have you tried aloe gel or shaving cream with tsunieko inks?
    Those inks run like silk paint. Different from the flow and mix you got tho as it absorbs so quickly. It will mix and blend but much subtle-r.