Friday, September 15, 2017

Giraffes with butterfly earrings

I finally finished this! It's taken much longer than it should have, more than a month now. Maybe because it's a purchased pattern and I dont usually follow directions but fly solo by the of seat of my pants. Maybe its because I used the colors that the pattern cover had so I knew what it would look like so had no reason to keep at it to see what it will look like when finished because I already knew? Phew! Long sentence but you know what I mean, right?

Anyway it is a cool eyecatching pattern that really caught my eye in a booth at a quilt show. The pattern is by Sandy Fitzpatrick called my favorite earrings.

Of course I had to quilt the background heavily so that took awhile but I am binge watching a show called A place to call home which I am obsessed with at the moment and so watched that while quilting this.

If you liked Downton Abbey you will love this. Its better. Takes place in the early 1950's and it beautifully made with lots of family secrets and lies, twists and turns. It airs on pbs and netflix or hulu doesnt have it but you can get it through acorn tv . its free for the first week and then is 8 bucks a month or something and you can cancel anytime. Its like netflix and they have all 4 seasons. I highly recommend.



  1. I really love this giraffes! One of my favorite animals!! Those eyes are so expressive, you really caught them.