Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sewing with Nancy

Before you tube, craftsy, blogs and all the online ways of learning, there was sewing with Nancy. She taught us how to sew and became our friend. Her program is by far the longest running sewing series on tv and still on PBS today started in 1982 - 36 seasons recorded! She also started a sewing supply mail order company called Nancys Notions back when you actually ordered and recieved stuff thru the mail!

Recently Nancy announced that she will be retiring due to health issues. Read about it here on her blog.
she will be truly missed.

If you are interested in hearing a really good interview with Nancy go to While She naps and listen to the podcast interview here. I highly recommend it as she talks about how she started out back in 1979 with Nancys notions and dealing with various hurdles along the way. You will leave with a huge admiration for the woman as I do.

On a higher note, the champlain valley fair was last week and both me and my mom both won one of these!

My mom for this beautiful lone star quilt - best pieced workmanship.

And me for my camels hump landscape - best machine quilting.

we each won a whopping 20 bucks 👀 But then its not about the money its all about the glory, right?


  1. I remember Nancy's Notions when it was the best place to order sewing supplies. I didn't know she was still on TV. Kudos on your ribbons. Both are wonderful pieces. I got my first ever blue ribbon many years ago at a county fair. I think my prize was $3.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the podcast - can't wait to listen. I used to watch episodes of Nancy even before I started sewing - always thought she was so relatable!! Congrats on the ribbons - they are well deserve. And Yes - Norma - when I won best in show at our county fair - I got $3 too - LOL!!

  3. I have watched Sewing With Nancy sporadically for at least 20 years. Too sporadically to be aware she was struggling with cancer. Thank you for sharing the news.

    Congratulations on your win at the Essex Junction County Fair. A well deserved honor for you and your mother.

  4. yea! Congrats on the wins for beautiful quilts

  5. Congratulations on you an your mom;s wins! That is too exciting! I have watched Nancy for many years. Here, our PBS buys only a few episodes and replays them incessantly! I have always wished they would get some new shows! Maybe now they will since it is one of the few quilting or fabric shows left on our programing schedule.

  6. Oh yes, Once I won a Sweepstakes Breed class with my Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Dutch. I got $2.67. I always told people he was a champion AND a money maker!

  7. both your landscape and your mom's l s quilt are winners beyond monetary figures! congrats!! love the color choice of BOTH!!!