Thursday, June 25, 2015

Spider web

This is what I'm working on this week - still a WIP


I started with a cool looking dark sort of old dark barn wall sort of batik and made some lighter "boards"

Decided to fuse some dark brownish shade parts on the "boards"


Drew a spider web with white chalk marker then with a thick white thread FMQ the web. The back at this point just has interfacing. The web was done without the boards and then they are added and quilted down.

Batting and backing, then quilted some more :-)


I want to add some "stuff" so first I found a roll of sheer in a nice eerie green. I cut it in uneven random strips.


Then lit a candle and ran the edges through the flame so it melted and curled. Burnt a couple holes too.

That's where I stand as of today - stay tuned for

"The rest of the story"