Friday, June 5, 2015

Serenity 2

What have I been up to quilt wise this week?

Finished another dog on the dock looking at the mist quilt. I think serenity is a good name for this.

That's what I feel sitting on a dock on a quiet morning in the summer.

I'm making a pattern for download on craftsy for this so will be doing one more to make sure I have all the components right.


I had made this little cairn mini quilt awhile ago but just mounted it on stretched canvas. I happened to be in Micheals and saw some 12"x12" black canvas on sale. This was so easy since I didn't even have to paint the canvas. The word was printed out on freezer paper backed fabric. Serenity again! Hmmmmmm...... I must have serenity on the brain. Could be worse. Anyway I tried using fabric medium instead of mod podge to glue and coat the word and liked it better. Seems to blend better and not so glossy. Everything else was glued down using my trusty glue gun.


And last but not least I'm free motion quilting away on a fun project that I will share with you next week.

Have a creative quilty week!


  1. Love that Serenity piece. I recently saw a TV piece that talked about putting hangings on canvas. She used velcro tape that had sticky on the backs so it wouldn't show on the front. Another technique she used was to add embroidery stitches on the front of the piece that went through the canvas.

    In my Fiber Group, Judy often mounts her pieces on canvas.

    I need to try that.

  2. These are both so serene in their own way and totally charming. I love the black canvases. My Michael's didn't have them the last time I went. I'll have to look again. I think my Garden Studies would look good on them, too.

  3. The dog on the dock does look so serene.

  4. Very nice and very therapeutic! I get relaxed just looking at them!